Vacuum chamber (64 l) square SM-171 - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

Vacuum chamber (64 l) square SM-171

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Square vacuum chamber for degassing with a volume of 64 liters. The vacuum chamber has a support surface at the bottom and back, which allows it to be installed with a lid at the front, a lid at the top. This is very convenient when performing various technological tasks.
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The SM-171 vacuum chamber is designed for degassing silicone, epoxy resins and polyurethane. The vacuum chamber can be used for scientific research.

The vacuum chamber has a support surface at the bottom and back, which allows it to be installed with a lid at the front, a lid at the top. This is very convenient when performing various technological tasks.


  • The lid is made entirely of transparent plexiglass, which allows you to observe the process happening inside the vacuum chamber. It also eliminates the use of additional lights to monitor the process.


  • Materials: steel, plexiglass;
  • Volume, l: 64;
  • Maximum volume of degassing compound, l: 10-15;
  • External dimensions, mm: 440×440×470;
  • Internal overall dimensions, mm: 400×400×400:
  • Connecting dimensions: at the customer’s choice;
  • Pressure retention, hours not less than: 24;
  • Weight: 45 kg.


  • Vacuum chamber;
  • Operation manual.


  • To use a vacuum chamber for degassing silicone or epoxy resins, it is necessary to select a pump with a capacity of at least 280 l/min. For the most convenient use, we recommend using the Value VSV-20-220 pump. The use of a pump of lower capacity is possible when stabilizing wood or other processes where the evacuation time is not particularly important, and this also reduces the overall cost of the system.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.