About SKB-077 Company - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

About SKB-077 Company

The SKB-077 company was created in 2012 to sell modern vacuum equipment of domestic and foreign production. Our main task is to provide companies and individuals with equipment:

  • for refilling industrial, household and automotive air conditioners;
  • for the manufacture of products from composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber, and so on);
  • for covering the surface of wood and lumber (for example, furniture facades, countertops, doors) with films made from thermoplastics such as PP, polyvinyl chloride and ABS. For working with various veneers and even shoes.

More than half of the equipment we sell is assembled and produced by our company at our own production facilities, which allows us to supply equipment with high quality and at the most competitive price, as well as produce equipment according to the customer’s technical requirements.

Our main work guidelines are:

  • customer satisfaction, with impeccable quality and low price;
  • flexibility in working with clients, allowing you to select even the most specific equipment, and in its absence, take responsibility for its development and production in the shortest time;
  • the ability to provide the client with equipment and auxiliary materials in any region of Russia and neighboring countries.

We offer the following services:

  • providing qualified advice when choosing the necessary industrial equipment;
  • calculations, development and production of technically complex industrial vacuum equipment;
  • modernization of previously purchased equipment;
  • supply of spare parts for equipment.

We are very pleased to have mutually beneficial cooperation. If you have ideas and suggestions, call and we will definitely discuss them.