System for vacuum infusion and degassing MVS-2 - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

System for vacuum infusion and degassing MVS-2

18300 RUB

A vacuum infusion and degassing system (also known as a vacuum chamber with a vacuum pump) is designed to degas (remove air bubbles) an epoxy resin-hardener mixture or silicone mixture before pouring into a mold.
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A vacuum infusion and degassing system (also called a vacuum chamber with a vacuum pump) is designed to degas (remove air bubbles) a mixture of epoxy resin with a hardener or a mixture of silicone before pouring into a mold. It can be used for the manufacture of products from reinforcing materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.) using vacuum infusion technology.

The system consists of a reservoir and a vacuum pump connected to each other by a hose.

The advantage of using this system is low cost and high functionality.


  • The vacuum tank is equipped with a transparent monolithic polycarbonate lid, which allows you to observe the process happening inside the tank. Monolithic polycarbonate is more durable than glass — it does not burst, which guarantees a long service life of the tank;
  • The Value vacuum pump is equipped with a built-in check valve (not available in pumps of this price category from other manufacturers), which makes it possible to turn off the pump during operation for a long soak without equalizing the pressure in the tank to atmospheric;
  • Vacuum pump Value VE115N has been supplied to the Russian market for more than 10 years and has proven itself on the positive side;
  • Wide applicability of the system: degassing of compounds, vacuum infusion, wood stabilization, surface heat treatment and others;
  • All connections to the reservoir are made directly to the lid, this allows you to use the reservoir body itself, rather than a separate plastic container, when pouring the silicone compound into the mold, which allows you to increase the volume of degassed compound and reduce labor intensity during production;
  • The hose used to connect the vacuum tank and pump is highly durable and designed specifically for these purposes. Using a hose of a different diameter, for example a smaller one, will create additional resistance for the pump, which threatens its overheating. A larger diameter hose will create an additional cavity for pumping out, which will increase the degassing time.


  • Tank materials: steel, polycarbonate;
  • Tank volume, l: 5;
  • External dimensions of the tank, mm: 235×300;
  • Connection dimensions: 1/4 SAE external thread, fitting for a hose with an internal diameter of 10 mm.
  • Vacuum retention, hours not less than: 24;
  • Pump capacity, l/min: 51 (it is possible to install a pump with higher capacity);
  • Limit residual pressure, Pa (micron): 2 (15);
  • Supply voltage, V: 220;
  • Weight, tank + pump, kg: 10.2.


  • Vacuum tank SM-93;
  • Vacuum pump Value VE115N;
  • Hose 1/4×1/4 SAE 1 meter long;
  • Oil for vacuum pump 330 ml;
  • Operating instructions.


  • When making composites, the most convenient way is to use a push-in fitting instead of a tap with a fitting;
  • Before working with the vacuum system, we recommend that you watch the videos on this page and read the article with instructions for its use;
  • When using the system to stabilize wood or for other tasks where it is necessary to hold materials in the chamber for more than an hour, it is additionally necessary to purchase a ball valve for the vacuum pump.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.