System for vacuum degassing MVS-3 - SKB-077

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System for vacuum degassing MVS-3

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The system for vacuum degassing MVS-3 (other names - a vacuum chamber with a pump) is designed to remove air bubbles (degassing process) in a mixture of epoxy resin with a hardener or a mixture of silicone before pouring into a mold, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the finished product.
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The system for vacuum degassing MVS-3 (other names — a vacuum chamber with a pump) is designed to remove air bubbles (degassing process) in a mixture of epoxy resin with a hardener or a mixture of silicone before pouring into a mold, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the finished product. A vacuum chamber with a pump can be used to stabilize wood.

The vacuum chamber SM-118 can be used to test cans for leaks according to GOST 8756.18-2017.


  • The lid is made of transparent polycarbonate, which allows you to observe the process inside the chamber. Polycarbonate provides high transparency and, most importantly, does not crack, unlike acrylic glass. Polycarbonate is 8 times stronger than acrylic glass;
  • The 1/4 SAE adapter in the cover allows direct connection to the vacuum pump without additional adapters and auxiliary ball valves;
  • All connecting fittings are located in the lid, which allows you to degas silicone compounds directly in the chamber without additional containers. Also, this arrangement of fittings minimizes the risk of mixture getting into the vacuum hose.


  • Materials: steel, polycarbonate;
  • Volume, l: 15;
  • Maximum volume of degassing compound, l: 5–8;
  • External dimensions, mm: 280×359;
  • Internal overall dimensions, mm: 276×267;
  • Connection dimensions: 1/4 SAE external thread, fitting for a hose with an internal diameter of 10 mm;
  • Vacuum retention, hours not less than: 24;
  • Pump capacity, l/min: 226;
  • Limit residual pressure, Pa (micron): 2 (15);
  • Supply voltage, V: 220;
  • Weight, tank + pump, kg: 21.


  • Vacuum chamber SM-118;
  • Vacuum pump VE180N;
  • Hose 1/4 SAE, 1.5 m;
  • Operation manual.


  • Before working with a vacuum chamber, we recommend that you watch the videos on this page and read the article with instructions for its use;
  • Silicone degassing is possible without using a disposable container;
  • Degass the resin only in a disposable container to avoid damage to the chamber.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.