Vacuum chamber (5 l) SM-140 - SKB-077

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Vacuum chamber (5 l) SM-140

10900 RUB

Vacuum chamber for degassing SM-140 (other names — vacuum degasser, vacuum chamber for degassing silicone) is designed for degassing (removing air formed during the mixing process from the mixture) of silicone or epoxy resin before pouring into a mold, which has a positive effect on the quality of the finished product.
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The vacuum chamber for degassing SM-140 (other names — vacuum degasser, vacuum chamber for degassing silicone) is designed for degassing (removing air formed during the mixing process from the mixture) of silicone or epoxy resin before pouring into a mold, which has a positive effect on the quality finished product.

The 5-liter vacuum degassing chamber has proven itself well in degassing silicone compounds, degassing resins and stabilizing wood.

The vacuum chamber SM-140 can be used to test cans for leaks according to GOST 8756.18-2017.


  • The lid is made of transparent polycarbonate, which allows you to observe the process inside the tank. Polycarbonate provides high transparency and strength when working under vacuum;
  • The 1/4 SAE adapter in the cover allows direct connection to the vacuum pump without additional adapters and auxiliary ball valves.


  • Materials: steel, polycarbonate;
  • Volume, l: 5;
  • Maximum volume of degassing compound, l: 2.5–3;
  • External dimensions, mm: 235×300;
  • Internal overall dimensions, mm: 185×210;
  • Connection dimensions: 1/4 SAE external thread, fitting for a hose with an internal diameter of 10 mm;
  • Pressure retention, hours not less than: 24;
  • Weight: 3.6 kg.


  • Vacuum chamber — 1 pcs;
  • Operation manual — 1 pcs.


  • For convenience and to obtain the best results when degassing the compound and manufacturing small-sized products from reinforcing materials, we recommend using a vacuum pump with a built-in check valve, for example the Value VE115N vacuum pump. This pump is capable of creating high residual pressure in a vacuum chamber in 30–35 seconds and degassing the silicone compound in 5 minutes;
  • Before working with a vacuum chamber, we recommend that you watch the videos on this page and read the article with instructions for its use.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.