System for vacuum degassing MVS-5 - SKB-077

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System for vacuum degassing MVS-5

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The MVS-5 vacuum degassing system (another name is a vacuum chamber with a degassing pump) is designed to remove air bubbles (degassing process) in a mixture of epoxy resin with a hardener or a mixture of silicone before pouring into a mold, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the finished product. The MVS-5 vacuum system is intended for professional use.
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The system for vacuum degassing MVS-5 (another name is a vacuum chamber with a pump) is designed to remove air bubbles (degassing process) in a mixture of epoxy resin with a hardener or a mixture of silicone before pouring into a mold, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the finished product. A vacuum chamber with a pump can be used to stabilize wood. For stabilization, you can use a pump with a capacity of 100 l/min or more, which will reduce the cost of the system.


  • The lid is made of transparent acrylic (plexiglass), which allows you to observe the process inside the chamber;
  • The outlets of the vacuum chamber are specially selected to ensure smooth equalization of pressure inside the chamber, as well as to ensure the fastest evacuation;
  • The connections between the chamber and the pump are made using seals, this ensures 100% tightness and makes the hose quick-detachable;
  • The vacuum pump included in the system is industrial, with a capacity of 20 m3/h, this allows you to create residual pressure in the chamber in 20 seconds. The maximum residual pressure of the pump is 0.5 mbar, this improves the degassing process.


  • Materials — steel, plexiglass;
  • Chamber volume — 35 l;
  • The volume of the installed container is 20–25 l;
  • The maximum mass of degassed silicone under production conditions (20 l bucket) is 10–14 kg;
  • The maximum mass of degassed resin under production conditions (20 l bucket) is 14–18 kg;
  • Dimensions of internal chambers (L×H) — 385×304 mm;
  • Connection dimensions — 25 mm;
  • Vacuum retention — at least 24 hours;
  • Pump capacity — 333 l/min (20 m3/h);
  • Limit residual pressure — 0.5 mbar;
  • Supply voltage — 220 V;
  • Weight, tank + pump — 38 kg.


  • Vacuum chamber SM-136;
  • Vacuum pump VSV-020;
  • Hose 25 mm, 1.0 m;
  • Operation manual

The filter for the vacuum pump is not included in the package and is installed by special order.


  • Before working with a vacuum chamber, we recommend that you watch the videos on this page and read the article with instructions for its use;
  • Silicone degassing is possible without using a disposable container;
  • Degass the resin only in a disposable container to avoid damage to the chamber.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.