Vacuum station for infusion SM-218 - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

Vacuum station for infusion SM-218

206000 RUB

Vacuum station SM-218 is designed for the production of composites (parts made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.) using vacuum infusion technology. The vacuum station is automatic and intended for professional use.
SM-218 variants
SM-218 (pump 20 m3/hour)
SM-218-01 (pump 40 m3/hour)

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The CM-218 vacuum station is designed for the production of composites using vacuum infusion technology. The vacuum equipment is equipped with a receiver, a vacuum pump, a digital high-precision control unit, and a vacuum trap for collecting resin.


  • Automatic maintenance of the specified residual pressure. The set pressure is maintained by turning off the pump by the electronic control unit. When the set pressure is reached, the pump turns off, and when the pressure drops below the set value, the pump turns on. This solution allows you to increase the service life of the pump, reduce energy consumption and provide the most comfortable working conditions (no noise from a constantly running pump);
  • Due to the use of an industrial pump, the residual pressure is the highest and allows you to work with absolutely any resins;
  • High-performance vacuum pump allowing the production of large-sized products — boats, boats, body kits for sports and off-road vehicles, etc.;
  • Multiple connections to the vacuum resin trap, allowing for multiple infusions at the same time. The system is equipped with quick-release connections for easy and quick connection;
  • The resin trap is equipped with an inspection window to monitor filling and prevent overflow of the trap;
  • The equipment is manufactured in Russia, which guarantees the constant availability of both spare parts and prompt service assistance;
  • High quality at the most competitive price on the Russian and foreign markets;
  • The vacuum pump is equipped with an exhaust mist filtration system. What is mandatory for working in the room in which the production matrices are located.

The SM-218 vacuum station is produced in two versions and differs in vacuum pump performance: 20 m3/hour and 40 m3/hour.


  • Vacuum receiver;
  • Industrial vacuum pump with installed filtration system;
  • Digital station control unit;
  • Vacuum trap with multiple connections;
  • Oil for vacuum pump;
  • Operation manual.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.

Types for supplied equipment:

SM-218 SM-218-01
Vacuum receiver volume, l 250
Vacuum pump performance, l/min (m3/hour) 20 40
Residual pressure, mbar 0,5–1,5
Vacuum trap volume, l 20
Number of connection holes for the trap at least 6
Weight, kg 130 155
Overall dimensions, mm 1220×650×1200