Vacuum station SM-227 - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

Vacuum station SM-227

556000 RUB

Vacuum station SM-227 is an automatic vacuum system designed for installation in industrial enterprises that need to use negative pressure (vacuum).
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The operating principle of the vacuum station is to set the required operating pressure range on the digital display, which is maintained by the system automatically. For example, when the pressure reaches −97 kPa, the vacuum pump turns off, and when the pressure drops to −70 kPa, the vacuum pump turns on. In this way, the set pressure in the vacuum line is constantly maintained.

In a vacuum station equipped with two vacuum pumps, their operation can be configured alternately or complementing each other. For example, when the pressure drops to −70 kPa, only one pump is turned on, and if the pressure continues to drop, then at −60 kPa the second vacuum pump is turned on. The control unit has a huge number of settings that allow the system to operate in completely different modes.


The system is equipped with two additional filters to clean the incoming air into the vacuum receiver and pumps.


  • Vacuum receiver volume, l: 600;
  • Vacuum pump performance, m3/hour: 65x2;
  • Residual pressure, mbar: 1.5;
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 1800×860×1300 mm;
  • Main voltage, V: 380;
  • Weight, kg: 310.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.