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Vacuum regulator

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Vacuum regulator is designed to smoothly regulate the vacuum in the system. Vacuum regulator is often used to regulate the pressure in a vacuum bag in composite production.

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Vacuum regulator is designed to smoothly regulate the vacuum in the system. Vacuum regulator is often used to regulate the pressure in a vacuum bag in composite production. This is especially true when working with polyester resins, which can boil at high residual pressure, which will lead to the product being defective.

The vacuum regulator can be supplied with a mechanical (including verification and passport) and electronic vacuum gauge at the customer’s choice.

The principle of operation is as follows. The vacuum regulator is installed in the vacuum line after the pressure source and before the consumer. The vacuum regulator is set to the required pressure using the adjustment knob located on top. For example, the set pressure required for consumer operation is –50 kPa. Under such conditions, the pressure source should provide –51...–99 kPa. Thus, the consumer will constantly receive pressure strictly –50 kPa from the regulator.


  • Working medium: purified compressed air without oil;
  • Measured and adjustable pressure, kPa: –100±1.3
  • Atmospheric air flow, l/min: 0.6 (air is taken in continuously);
  • Setting accuracy, kPa: 0.13;
  • Performance, l/min: 240;
  • Units of measurement on the vacuum gauge: kPa (scales with other units are possible: mPa, mbar, etc.);
  • Connecting thread (optional): G1/2 internal (it is possible to manufacture adapters with other threads to choose from 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and so on);
  • The internal flow area of the regulator is 7–9 mm.


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