Vacuum pump Value VSV-065 - SKB-077

Vacuum Industrial Equipment

Vacuum pump Value VSV-065

156000 RUB

Industrial vacuum pump Value VSV-065 is a single stage oil sealed rotary vane pump, the pump can produce relatively high residual pressure limit and can operate continuously for a long time.
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Industrial vacuum pump Value VSV-065 is a single stage oil sealed rotary vane pump.

Pumps of this series are used in industrial enterprises where it is necessary to ensure continuous operation for a long time.


  • Value pumps of the VSV series are industrial pumps, used where it is necessary to create an average residual pressure;
  • Value pumps of the VSV series have a check valve and an oil mist filter in their design, unlike pumps of the VE series;
  • Value VSV series pumps are single-stage vacuum pumps, but according to tests carried out by our company, they provide higher residual pressure in contrast to two-stage VE series vacuum pumps. Tests were carried out using a verified electronic vacuum gauge.


  • Performance, l/min (m3/hour): 1083.3 (65);
  • Limit residual pressure (absolute), mbar: 0.3;
  • Power, kW: 1.5;
  • Voltage, V: 380;
  • Connecting dimensions: G1;
  • Oil volume, ml: 2000;
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 550×310×270;
  • Weight, kg: 42.5;
  • Warranty: 1 year;
  • Manufacturer: Value.


Vacuum pump, vacuum oil, instruction manual.