Vacuum pressing system (manual) with bag SVP-1 - SKB-077

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Vacuum pressing system (manual) with bag SVP-1

58900 RUB

The pressing system with a vacuum bag SVP-1 is intended for veneering, lamination, and the production of bent-glued products. The equipment has a wide range of applications: furniture industry (doors or furniture with curved and convex elements), modeling, production of wooden facades of complex shapes, production of musical instrument frames, production of bent-glued elements from wood and plastic, production of multi-layer blanks and parts.
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The pressing system with a vacuum bag SVP-1 is intended for veneering, lamination, and the production of bent-glued products.

The equipment has a wide range of applications: furniture industry (doors or furniture with curved and convex elements), modeling, production of wooden facades of complex shapes, production of musical instrument frames, production of bent-glued elements from wood and plastic, production of multi-layer blanks and parts.


The vacuum pressing system is equipped with a polyurethane vacuum bag with a width of 1450 mm and a thickness of 0.7 mm. The length of the vacuum bag varies depending on the design of the system.

The vacuum pump used in the system is a rotary vane pump with an oil seal, its productivity is 10 m3/hour, which is the most optimal even when veneering large-sized products.


  • Vacuum pump performance, l/min (m3/hour): 190 (11);
  • Residual pressure, Pa: 2;
  • Power, kW: 0.37;
  • Voltage, V: 220.

The system is divided as follows:

  • By the size of the vacuum bag;
  • By the presence of additional elements.

Vacuum bag dimensions:

Vacuum bag dimensions: 1450 × (2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000). It is possible to produce vacuum bags of non-standard sizes.

The vacuum bags supplied with the system are made of polyurethane and are designed for cold pressing (temperatures up to 70 °C).

Additional items for equipping the vacuum system:

When pressing multiple products at the same time, the vacuum installation can be equipped with a vacuum manifold to connect up to 4 bags simultaneously. This option is discussed with the manager. As standard, the vacuum pressing unit is equipped with one outlet for one bag. But since the system is equipped with a quick release valve with a valve, it is possible to switch between bags during operation and without loss of pressure.

In the case of frequent production of bent-glued products, our company can offer a vacuum joystick (pedal), which allows you to accurately and timely press products.


  • Vacuum pump assembly with vacuum filter;
  • Polyurethane vacuum bag;
  • Clamp for vacuum bag;
  • Vacuum fitting;
  • Hose with quick connectors, 10 m;
  • Oil for vacuum pump;
  • Operation manual.

The completeness of the system can be changed by agreement with the manager.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer — Russia, SKB-077.

Execution options:

Product Vacuum bag dimensions, mm Price, RUB
SVP-1 1450×1500×0,7 (PU) 58900
SVP-1-01 1450×2000×0,7 (PU) 61600
SVP-1-02 1450×2500×0,7 (PU) 64500
SVP-1-03 1450×3000×0,7 (PU) 67400
SVP-1-04 1450×3500×0,7 (PU) 70400
SVP-1-05 1450×4000×0,7 (PU) 73300

Examples of products that can be produced using a vacuum pressing system: