Vacuum mixer (15 l) SM-220 - SKB-077

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Vacuum mixer (15 l) SM-220

28900 RUB

Vacuum mixer SM-220 (vacuum mixer, dissolver) is a vacuum chamber equipped with a mixing device for degassing thick solutions. Degassing thick solutions is a very long process, since the air in the lower layers of the solution cannot rise to the upper layers due to the high density of the mixture. A vacuum mixer allows you to speed up the degassing process by mixing the layers and releasing air. The vacuum mixer is designed for use in conjunction with a screwdriver or drill.
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The SM-220 vacuum mixer (vacuum mixer, dissolver) is a vacuum chamber equipped with a mixing device for degassing thick solutions. Degassing thick solutions is a very long process, since the air in the lower layers of the solution cannot rise to the upper layers due to the high density of the mixture. A vacuum mixer allows you to speed up the degassing process by mixing the layers and releasing air.

The vacuum mixer can be used to degas silicone, resin, pastisoli, gypsum and other mixtures.

When working, it is recommended to place a household bucket of a suitable size in the chamber along with the mixture, and mix and degas in the bucket. In some cases, if the solution being mixed is easy to clean, mixing can be done in the chamber itself.

The camera can be supplied with taps in the housing as shown in the photographs, or with taps in the lid. At the customer’s choice. As standard, the taps are located in the lid.

We can install a handle in the chamber for mixing the solution manually (without using a drill or screwdriver).

Attention! Screwdriver not included!


  • The mixer is made for use with a drill or screwdriver (not included);
  • Due to the movement of layers of solution, the degassing process is accelerated by 2–3 times;
  • When stirring the solution, the mixture becomes more homogeneous;
  • The vacuum pump performance requirements are minimal. You can use a pump with a minimum capacity.


  • Volume, l: 15;
  • Outer dimensions, mm: 350×355;
  • Internal overall dimensions, mm: 276×240;
  • Weight: 9 kg.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.