Vacuum fitting SM-128 - SKB-077

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Vacuum fitting SM-128

2300 RUB

Vacuum fitting SM-128 is a special fitting designed for use with vacuum bags in the process of pressing furniture parts, in the process of manufacturing parts in an autoclave, in the process of vacuum infusion.

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Vacuum fitting SM-128 is a special fitting designed for use with vacuum bags in the process of pressing furniture parts, in the process of manufacturing parts in an autoclave, in the process of vacuum infusion.

The fitting consists of two halves: a base and an upper part, separated by a silicone gasket. The halves are connected to each other using a G1/4 threaded connection. The upper part of the fitting also has a G1/4 thread for connecting an adapter/fitting for a vacuum hose/pipe. This fitting is supplied with one adapter/fitting, which is of the customer’s choice. It is possible to install a quick-release adapter for a pneumatic hose.


  • Material: aluminum;
  • Gasket: silicone;
  • Maximum temperature, °C: 200;
  • Diameter, mm: 50;
  • Threaded connection: G1/4.

Installation instructions:

  1. Make a hole of 13 + 2 mm in the vacuum bag (when used with veneer bags, it is recommended to install the fitting at the beginning of the vacuum bag);
  2. Put the base of the fitting under the vacuum film at the location of the hole;
  3. Install the upper part of the fitting on the outside of the vacuum film and stretch to ensure tightness;
  4. Connect the vacuum hose/tube to the adapter/fitting.

Production: Russia.

The vacuum fitting SM-128-01 has an installed socket with a valve, which ensures the tightness of the system in the event of a hose disconnection.

The photo shows vacuum fittings SM-128 and SM-128-01: