Overpressure chamber SM-143 - SKB-077

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Overpressure chamber SM-143

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Overpressure chamber SM-143 (pressure chamber, injection molding chamber) is intended for the manufacture of parts from injection molded plastics. By creating a pressure of 3.5–4 atm, air bubbles are compressed to sizes invisible to the eye. The manufactured parts are pore-free and of high quality.
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The excess pressure chamber SM-143 (pressure chamber, chamber for injection molding) is intended for the manufacture of parts from injection molded plastics. By creating a pressure of 3.5–4 atm, air bubbles are compressed to sizes invisible to the eye. The manufactured parts are without pores and of high quality.

The camera can also be used in the manufacture of silicone parts*. This is especially useful when pouring into a complex mold that prevents air bubbles from escaping completely. The pressure required for casting silicone parts is 3.8–4.1 atm.

* Pouring silicone into a mold after degassing results in the formation of a small amount of air in it. In cases where the part being manufactured is highly embossed and the shape is two-part with a minimum number of output channels (it is technologically impossible to provide more), then pores may form in places. To exclude them, the mold with silicone is placed in a pressure chamber. A pressure of 4 atm is created, maintained, after 5–6 hours the mold is taken out and the silicone is cured at atmospheric pressure.


  • The high-pressure chamber is made of high-strength steel, providing high strength and creating a pressure of 3–4 atm;
  • The cover of the overpressure chamber is pressed against the chamber body using 4 cap clamps, which is very convenient to use and takes little time; This is especially true when pouring two-component polyurethane plastics whose lifetime is 15 minutes;
  • The injection molding chamber is equipped with a quick-release fitting for connecting an industrial compressor and an adapter for use with an automotive compressor;
  • The camera body and lid are coated with heat-resistant enamel that can withstand the directed influence of high temperatures, even fire.


  • Camera material: steel;
  • Working pressure, atm: 3–4.5;
  • Volume, l: 10;
  • External dimensions (L×H), mm: 260×400;
  • Internal overall dimensions (L×H), mm: 240×260;
  • Connecting dimensions: G1/4;
  • Weight: 7.0 kg.


  • Overpressure chamber — 1 pcs;
  • Instruction manual — 1 pcs.


  • The chamber can be additionally equipped with a transparent lid, gasket and vacuum gauge for silicone degassing;
  • When using a chamber for excess pressure and vacuum, we recommend purchasing a pump-compressor that allows you to create both excess pressure and vacuum. This pump-compressor can be used in an apartment due to its low noise.

1 year warranty.

Manufacturer: Russia, SKB-077.

Examples of molded products from two-component polyurethane plastic into silicone molds:

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