Oil-free vacuum pump VP-1400 - SKB-077

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Oil-free vacuum pump VP-1400

29200 RUB

Oil-free vacuum pump VP-1400 is a piston pump used to solve general industrial problems. The VP-1400 pump can work both to vacuum the system and to create overpressure in it.
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The VP-1400 piston pump is a piston pump designed for industrial use for pumping and pumping air. The oil-free piston pump can be used as a vacuum pump and also as a compressor pump.

We recommend using an oil-free vacuum pump in industries where indoor air purity is of particular importance, since there is no oil mist when operating an oil-free vacuum pump.

The piston pump is compact and low-noise, which allows it to be used at home or in a laboratory.


  • The pump is oil-free, which means no oil mist into the room and provides more favorable working conditions;
  • The pump can be used both to create a vacuum and to create excess pressure.


  • Performance during vacuuming, l/min: 240;
  • Performance when creating excess pressure, l/min: 225;
  • Residual pressure, kPa: 10;
  • Maximum excess pressure, atm: 8;
  • Power, kW: 1.4;
  • Voltage, V: 220;
  • Connecting dimensions: G1/4;
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 300х190х170;
  • Weight, kg: 9.7.


Vacuum pump, instruction manual.

1 year warranty.

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